Friday, April 19, 2013


PEACEMAKER     wood sculpture by Candace Knapp 
95 inches x 25 inches x 25 inches      Photo Bjorn Andren   


When the world goes “BOOM” you need me,
realize I was in you all along.
A river of life rises through your spine
stands firm
and scans the far horizon for signs of
stress . . .
. . . an inharmonious note
. . . a broken rhythm
. . . a smile that is a little forced.

Long before the bullets fly
and the sword is drawn,
long before the angry word
or the icy look
there is an imperceptible ripple in the air
a loss of peace.

A peacemaker knows that wars are won
long before they have begun.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


LEAF SPIRIT  carved  wooden  relief  by  Candace Knapp
27 inches x 30 inches     Photo     Bjorn Andren


Do you ever wish the wind would take you
sailing across the early morning green
with your tender roots dangling and free?

Our children leave us.
Our parents are gone.
Our seeds fly out in the mouths of birds
and we never know what happens to them.
Our fruits are carried away
by little animals scampering in the night.

Some hold their dreams so tight
they cannot breathe,
others drop them along the way.

So then we finally let go
and are surprised that the wind carries us.
A kaleidoscope of colors and experiences
were  just so patiently waiting
for us to relax.