Monday, November 19, 2012


MIGRATION    wood sculpture by Candace Knapp 
16 inches x 10 inches x 9 inches    Photo Bjorn Andren


I guess you’ve heard of dung beetles
pushing those brown balls up a hill,
there are a lot of stories...
well that’s not me at all.
I am on the move though.
I’m migrating and I love it!
This is the good life
out on the road with the sun in my face and the wind at my back...
Some creatures go South this time of year
when flowers close up and an icy wind threatens.
They call this time “the holidays.”
I follow my instinct creeping into the sad and lonely places:
the little shadow below the eye,
the corner of the mouth,
the lump in the throat...
I set up camp anchoring my legs and stretching up to my full height.
Gradually, petal by petal I open my magnificent flower.
Now understand,
I am virtually invisible but when I release my perfume
everything changes;
the breath comes easy,
the heart relaxes
and the music starts to play!
Can you hear it now?

1 comment:

  1. Sad and lonely places often have the most fertile ground. I hope your instincts will lead you my way. It is comforting to imagine you camping quietly deep in my heart, knowing your flower will one day unexpectedly split me open with its sheer beauty. And on that day, honey bees will migrate across the planet buzzing happy songs to sip a little taste of you. I have a particular affinity for honey bees. I hope you come soon! I will leave the door open.