Monday, January 14, 2013


HEY LITTLE GIRL      Drawing by Candace Knapp                
 27 inches x  35 inches   Photo Bjorn Andren


I can make you feel real good for a moment, or two.
Isn’t that all that matters ?
I’ll give you a rush you will never forget !
That mom in the corner
don’t look at her,
she’ll hold you back.
What does she know?
“Do what you wanna do, go where you wanna go
with whomever you wanna to do, do it with...”
Whose your daddy now?
You can have it all !
You’re mine.
I own you.
Do NOT listen !
Didn’t I tell you ?
Do not listen to the silver flute
ringing in your heart
singing a lone sweet silvery song
curling and whirling into space
reaching for the stars
caressing all your fondest hopes and dreams
as they drift silently on the evening breeze.
DO NOT !!!!
Follow me
I can make you feel real good
for a moment or two.

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