Saturday, October 6, 2012


MORNING SONG    acrylic on canvas by Candace Knapp
13 inches x 13 inches x 1 ½ inches          Photo Bjorn Andren


Don’t you know
that today is special?
This clear blue morning calls your name.
These orange trees, this fertile earth
are speaking to you alone.
I have come from afar to tell you,
crossed the tundra harsh and cold,
burned in the desert wild,
stretched across never ending seas
and the whole journey I was singing,
singing a little song
a little sea shanty
where the verses kept repeating
like waves never ending
rhyming and coming around
again and again
telling you who you are,
remembering you to yourself.
Don’t you know
that every moment
is the only moment,
every one
is the only One
and each breath is the miracle
we have all been waiting for?

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