Sunday, September 30, 2012


JOURNEY          Drawing by Candace Knapp                
 27 inches x  35 inches   Photo Bjorn Andren


Awakening this morning
to a world upside down
I continue my journey
Root ball wrapped for transport
all methods of earthly travel in doubt
relying on my own feet
I continue my journey
step by step
but my feet walk away from me
my surroundings liquid
wind blown
my horse swims upside down
dissolves into mist
I fall
continuing my journey
darkness overtakes
rumbling bison in the distance
I continue my journey
a light in the forest dark
I hold it with my eyes
it flickers
I remember it with my heart
I continue my journey
when everything leaves me
I remember my intention
You are my journey
You are my destination

1 comment:

  1. Candy....this so describes my flickering reality these days. Thank you for putting it into such eloquent words. The root ball wrapped for transport is comforting to me. I can only believe that what is essential is safe and that it will ultimately find, if not fertile, at least solid ground.