Monday, February 18, 2013


UNDERCURRENT     acrylic on canvas by Candace Knapp
60 inches x 44 inches          Photo   Bjorn Andren  


Remember the house on Baker Street
that slid so far out of reach
that long night in October?
There were some strange moments in our childhood
... funny how the memories drift,
bump into one another out in the back yard
where we were camping under the old army blanket.
I remember how cold we were
and the sudden appearance of a neighbor’s cat,
eyes like fireflies appearing ... disappearing
strange night sounds ... creeping ... rustling..
little cloud girls playing soccer with the moon
while heavy branches bent and creaked overhead.
Mom and Dad were safe in their cosy bed
deep beneath the covers of night
dreaming and waking
their hearts watching over us.
Now these forty years have passed
and they are still there...
Love never changes.
Love never dies.


  1. Candy that is so beautiful. I didn't realize what a gifted writer you are. Multi-talented!

  2. We're still little cloud girls playing soccer with the moon!!!!! It's not a bad thing to be a lunatic! It requires surrender and response to the pull of light!