Wednesday, February 27, 2013


BIRDBATH         wood sculpture by Candace Knapp      
24 inches  x 24 inches  x 13 inches    Photo Bjorn Andren 


I’m very careful stepping into this water.
It’s cold.
I turn my head and look for hawks.
I listen for dangerous sounds
rustling in the bushes.
This is a vulnerable moment.
I slide watchfully into my sixty fifth year of life.
So this is what it feels like!
The water slips beneath my feathers
and I shimmy a little...
It feels pretty good.
I crouch down and let it roll over my back,
slip around my neck and then
I dunk my head right in
and start flapping and wiggling.
I step around in a flamboyant dance
forgetting about danger
forgetting everything that was holding me back...
OH I am so alive now and so clean
There is a freshness that makes this birthday
a whole new beginning!


  1. So nice. And oh so very appropriate on your birthday. Hope you had a happy one!

  2. Well, it is a new beginning. This is the last quarter of our lives ... and possibly the best!! So glad you feel this way!


  3. As I approach my 65th, this gives me a wonderful perspective!! Thank you for mapping the territory in such an elegant way = )