Sunday, March 17, 2013


TOOTS    wood sculpture by Candace Knapp       
29 inches x 10 inches  x 8 inches    Photo Bjorn Andren


When you walk in the forest
do you ever think we are looking at you?
We have been standing here together for a long time
we green ones
we drink water together
we warm ourselves in the sun
and when a sudden gust of wind
pushes us against each other ...
do you think we don’t feel that?
Do you think we don’t know when
the delicate threads of the spider web
link our branches together?
Deep underground thin root fingers
touch one another
discovering a secret family connection.

Then you come clomping along
with your loud voice and busy ways,
casting shadows, snapping pictures and
pushing us this way and that as you pass.
You will never guess what we do then?
We love you ...
we know we have the peace you need
and the sacred substance that can heal you.
We are so sorry when you walk away.

Did you ever think we might be waiting for you?

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