Friday, May 11, 2012


A PASSING THOUGHT    Cast stone sculpture by Candace Knapp      
29" x 12" x 12"     $ 3200.        Photo Bjorn Andren 


Here is an orange cushion, I say to myself
as I sit down on the cement floor of the meditation room.
Closing my eyes, I notice the drone of the fan and the
rhythmic waves of cool air that reflect off the painted cement block walls
and flow onto my skin.
Breathing in and breathing out
Sore back that needs to adjust itself
Breathing in, need to clear my throat
Breathing out, not wanting to disturb the others
Breathing in, finding quiet space
Breathing out, feeling the heart beat
Breathing in, tasting the asparagus soup I had for dinner
Breathing out, shoulders relax
Breathing in, knees are cold
Breathing out, relax neck
Breathing in, aware of my stomach moving with breath
Breathing out , sensing an underground river of thought
Breathing in, remembering to stay still as thoughts pass by
- little white paper boats of thought drifting on the underground river.
- Iridescent wishes darting here and there below the surface.
Breathing out, legs are asleep
Breathing in, I have stubby red legs
I can feel my slow deliberate steps along the bank of the river.
Notice the eddies that form shapes in the water. Shapes that  float to the surface,
making little soft sounds as they bump into each other and come alive.
Cooing sounds like doves.
Breathing out, back is heavy and stiff
I carry a heavy vessel of feelings ready to spill at any moment.
Breathing in, I know the vessel is full to the brim
Breathing out, wanting to escape I squirm
like an eel trying to swim the other way
but caught
by a mouth full of painful memories.
Breathing in, I relax
Breathing out, I observe everything
Breathing in, I smile to everything
Breathing out, embraced by silence

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