Sunday, May 27, 2012


PRESTO VIOLINO   wood sculpture by Candace Knapp
26" x 20" x 7"     $ 3900          Photo    Bjorn Andren
available  through  Dabbert Gallery in Sarasota   


You can’t believe how fast I am !
In the hands of the right musician I am unstoppable!
It’s like being at the top of Filbert street in San Francisco
blasting down the hill on a skateboard
while buildings, cars, people........everything blurs.
I run on pure adrenaline
yet my mind is quiet, focused.
I am tempting death.
Afterwards I just smile that irritating smile.
You know ? 
And when I sing Bazzini’s Dance of the Goblins
I vibrate like a caffeinated hummingbird
in the hands of my master.
No time to think,
time dissolves into sound,
notes fly like sparks,
fingers strike like wildfire and you ride the wind.
I tell you I can take you places you have never been.
Try me !

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