Sunday, April 15, 2012


JONES       wood mobile by Candace Knapp       5" x 18" x 12"       Sold


You can call me "Jones."
That's not really my name and it doesn't matter
because I will never tell you my real name.
I am camouflaged and you will never see through my disguise.
You might think of me as a branch of a tree or a snake.
When I slip through the air with my leaves rustling
I might remind you of a dragon.
Of course I am none of these and you will never know what I am.

I am more interested in what you are.
Though you usually don't see me, I am always here.
I watch you and listen to every word you say,
repeating your thoughts to the wind so that they travel
in great circles around the earth. You are very important to me.
I study your face to see signs of what you are feeling.
I watch you with other people and when you are alone.
I notice how you have changed over the years, I remember everything.

When you breathe I feel the air shift and when you fall asleep
it is as if a light had gone out. When you are sad my heart aches
and when you are happy I fly around in circles until I get dizzy.
I am the dearest friend you will never know.

You can call me "Jones."

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