Wednesday, April 11, 2012


SWEET DREAMS     wood mobile by Candace Knapp     70" x 48" x 24"      $ 8200.
Photo Bjorn Andren


This tree knows me, cares for me,
stretching her arms in great green arcs
that protect me from sun, wind, and curious intruders.
Like a ripening fruit suspended from a green canopy
I turn slowly on a breath of air.
No one can find me here. I am safe and I can sleep.

I am in the sweetest dream now,
the place of all possibilities, the place where ideas are born.
Faint half-formed images like wisps of color brush against my cheek.
Forgotten melodies drift sideways beneath me softly humming to each other.
Fragments of poems scatter lost words that join together in unexpected friendships.
This is where it all begins. This is where I learn to dance
turning slowly at first. Wherever I lean my head,
my body follows.  Whatever I yearn to know,
I experience.  I feel myself falling.
I have earned my dancing shoes.

Am I the fruit or am I the seed?
Perhaps I am only  the fanciful daydream
of a maple tree giving wings to her seeds
so they can whirl and dance as they float down to earth
and begin again.

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