Wednesday, April 18, 2012


    THE  LOOKOUT   wood sculpture by Candace Knapp    
    16" x 6" x 5"         SOLD           Photo Bjorn Andren


After a long grey winter It happened that one day the sun came out
the leaves opened wide and  POP,  here I was all new and tender !
After that I started watching everything.
I kept my eyes open and the more I saw the more I understood.
Just yesterday there was this brown dog that sniffed me.
He had a bushy tail that hit me square in the face. Oooo so scratchy.
Then yesterday afternoon there was a barbeque.
I found out that I am on the lanai, that means screened porch in Florida,
with some plants just above the ice chest where the drinks are.
People were coming over to me all the time and one plump woman
even exclaimed, “Oh, How Beautiful !”  That’s when I found out
I am standing next to an orchid.

Two small children sat on plastic chairs facing me.
They were eating ice cream cones and swinging their legs back and forth frantically.
That’s when I realized I could really read people. Kids just want to have fun.
I hope they won’t come over and bump me. It is a danger.
I feel that my purpose is to be on the lookout for danger.
I watch for it. There was one heavyset man with a blue shirt and long whiskers
who came to the ice chest a lot. I could feel so strongly that he is
in the habit of being angry. I have my eye on him and also on
a nervous lady with a high voice who titters around the lanai on quick little feet.
Another woman, tall and grey, sipped white wine slowly and smiled.
More and more people filled the room, too many to watch.
The noise became almost unbearable and then there was music.
An elderly gentleman took his wife by the hand and started dancing next to the pool. 
I worried a little that they might fall in but still it was nice.

The best thing that has happened to me so far is that Linda passed by.
She stopped, looked right at me and said out loud, “I like this one.”
Wow! I try not to show people how excited I am but
Gee, it’s all I can think about night and day.
Linda likes me.
I think she has stolen my heart.

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