Saturday, June 2, 2012


TWO SISTERS       wood mobiles by Candace Knapp    
each 11" x 13" x 8"     Sold      Photo Bjorn Andren

People say we look alike but I just don’t see it.

               Me either.

I mean, there may be a family resemblance
but in many ways we are soooooo different.
For example, I like nature and you like music.

               I like nature too !

Not as much as I do!
Nature is my thing. You like music.

               Well you are more pushy.

I am not pushy, I speak up.
I speak up for myself and tell my feelings.
You don’t.

               I have feelings too!

You are more like mom and I am more like dad.
Mom didn’t tell her feelings and dad did.

               I miss mom and dad.

Me too.

               There may be some ways we are alike.
               We both look young for our age
               and we both have a good sense of humor.

It’s probably because we are Irish.

               And people say our voices sound alike on the telephone.

I think that’s a nice thing.
I think we sound like mom.

               The main difference is just that I am me and you are you!

It’s just a perspective.
You could also say that I am you and you are me.

               Let’s not go there. 



  1. Me too. I am glad too.


  2. I love the birds, of course, but the story really brings them to life. Lovely.