Saturday, June 9, 2012


SHY SWEETHEART    acrylic on canvas by Candace Knapp
13" x 13" x 1 ½"      $ 500.        Photo Bjorn Andren


I’m a nice girl.
You should like me.
Is that a smile I see?
We’ve had grand times together over the years
haven’t we?
Remember the cat?
That sound you made was like an angry screech owl.
She will never dare to come here again!
This forest is our place,
far from the noise of the village.
It is cool and green.
Being here with you is everything to me.
Remember the June bugs?
How we flipped them over on their backs and
spun them around until they were dizzy
walking away like drunk old men?
I have made us a little picnic
at the mossy place next to the river.
I have prepared nuts and berries and
those grub worms you like so much.
We have it so good.
What I fear most, dear heart,
is that you will die one day
with those words “I love you”
still caught in your throat
like some old fish bone
and I will still be waiting.

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