Saturday, June 30, 2012


OSCAR     wood sculpture by Candace Knapp   
26 inches x 26 inches x 14 inches      $3400.        Photo Bjorn Andren


so I have a little waddle when I walk.
It’s part of my “style”,
in fact you could say that I have a “swagger”
maybe even a “swish”.
It’s not just because I have short legs
and a magnificent shell swaying on my back.
It’s because I know who I am.
It wasn’t always this way.
People used to look down on me
and not just because I am close to the ground.
People would pass by and see me there on the sidewalk.
They wouldn’t step on me but they wouldn’t look at me either.
I was just something to be avoided,
They would keep on talking to each other
laughing as if I didn’t exist.
One day I constructed my magnificent shell.
It isn’t like anyone else's shell you can’t climb into it
but it is very special.
It is a flourish of me.  It is  “I AM” and I wear it with pride.
Whatever you may think of me,
I am the only one like me and you will never see another.
So what I say is this,
“waddle” is good
“swagger” is even better.

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  1. one gets a little gentle laugh from Oscar.