Sunday, September 9, 2012


INTUITION      wood sculpture by Candace Knapp
27 inches x 19 inches x  12 inches   Photo Candace Knapp


Through long treks across frozen fields
through rocky slopes on stormy nights
through agonizing heat and piercing wind
we have been together.
All these years
you have been my only companion
without words
without complaint
without question
we move forward
dedicated to the journey.

There are moments when the wind shifts
leafy shadows move across our path
I relax onto your back
opening my hands to let you lead
my legs melting into you
becoming your legs
Your feet whispering to the earth below
trusting that the destination is already here
within us
rooted in the moment
I trust my intuition
the journey is an illusion
there is no where else to go.

1 comment:

  1. You are so right Candy!
    Intuition is such a trusty steed.
    Even when we tighten our hands on the reins and willfully jerk her head away
    from our our true trajectory.
    Even when we end up mired in a moonless bog, broken and wondering how we wandered so far from our path.
    She never judges or admonishes….only trudges, with all her heart, to pull us out to safety. As always, led by the greater pull of light