Saturday, September 22, 2012


Clay and sand by Candace Knapp
Photo Bjorn Andren


Humans, you have been brought here for a reason.
Buried in the sand and made to listen
There is something that we dogs can teach you,
something you need to know.
Lift your nose and sniff the wind
it holds the breath of all who have gone before
their thoughts, what they had for dinner
So much to experience in this world
and you could easily miss it all!
I run to greet the sensations
I chase time like a rabbit
There you are running in your tight little exercise shorts
in careful straight lines
with those wires stuck in your ears.
That’s not running!
You must run with your whole heart
toes digging into the ground
mouth open, ears perked, legs stretching to the limit
ready to change direction when destiny calls.
Live in a way that makes your heart pound
and your mouth salivate.
Wake up humans !
Get your nose out of the cell phone
and lick someone’s face.

1 comment:

  1. is so wonderful to read the pairing of your words and art! Your words run with their whole heart...unmuzzled,unfettered and unleashed!