Saturday, September 15, 2012


SEDUCTION     acrylic on canvas by Candace Knapp,
13 inches  x 13 inches  x 1 ½ inches     Photo Bjorn Andren


It was thinner than I had thought, this shell,
Thin like a soap bubble but cloudy and brittle.
I could sense shadows
I could hear muffled voices
there was often the warm sensation of beings passing nearby
and I was content for a long time, a round person in a round place
but something made me just want to
tap on the wall once or twice with my beak.
it was curiosity, an itch than needed to be scratched
and I thought,
“A tiny hole is no big deal. I will just peak outside one time
and that will be enough.”
Of course it wasn’t enough.
I started nibbling on the edge of that hole.
One day I stuck my whole head out.
There were beautiful colors, plants waved in the wind
and faces looked right into mine with their big staring eyes!
I wanted to hide
but curiosity pulled me out and I forgot that I was afraid.
I wanted to know about all these creatures:
What do their voices sound like?
What do they eat for breakfast?
Where do they live?
What do they think of me? What do they feel?
Is there any love out here?
Yes, there was!
I came out.
I was seduced by love.

1 comment:

  1. I love your round curves lines.
    I have this friend, Clementina,made out of water in my first published Spanish short text. Your art bring mememories of her. I wonder where she lived and I ran after her.